Located at Front Street

and Hartz Way

480 San Ramon Valley Blvd.

Suite A2

Danville, CA 94526



Store Hours

9am – 6pm

Tuesday – Saturday:
9am – 6pm

10am – 5pm

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New Hours!

In 2013, Miglet's was featured on the ABC7 news special, Just Like Me We were thrilled to host Cheryl Jennings and her crew who interviewed cancer survivor and Miglet's regular, Amira, pictured here at her "cancer free" party that we hosted last year.

You can watch the segment here.




 The Baker

Her shop offers sweet satisfaction—without the gluten.

Katie Ortiz’s first happy customers were kids with celiac disease at Camp Arroyo in Livermore. Her cupcakes were so popular, she soon opened a shop called Miglet’s, in Danville. The rest is gluten-free history.

If you think gluten-free diets involve deprivation, a visit to Ortiz’s shop is likely to change your mind...

— Diablo Magazine, July 2014    read article


Katie Ortiz, owner and founder of Miglet’s Gluten-Free Bakery, started experimenting with baked goods made with rice flour after her mother, Elaine Taylor, was diagnosed with celiac disease (see related story – Living gluten-free). At The Taylor Family Foundation’s weeklong celiac camps, the children were so ecstatic about Ortiz’s gluten-free birthday cakes that she started Miglet’s in 2007 to make sure the GF community would no longer go without.

— The Gluten Free Gourmand, April 2012    read article


"The bottom line of course is taste—and texture—when it comes to gluten-free baked goods. Ortiz's cakes and cupcakes have a good texture, and the taste, especially in the chocolate cake, is not far from conventional goodies."

— Diablo Magazine, February 2010   read article

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